Rules of Engagement

This program has been designed specifically to accelerate your entry or expansion into the federal market with the goal of helping you win a government contract using proven capture management strategies and the power of a peer-advisory group.

Monthly Time Commitment

We understand that business owners and executives are very busy, so our monthly virtual meetings follow a precise agenda designed to maximize your value.

Time commitment for the three-month facilitated FedMap curriculum is as follows:

  • You will meet with your Cohorts once monthly for 1.5 – 2 hours through a virtual meeting room.
  • You will meet one-to-one with your Capture Coach for one hour each month as needed.
  • Your tasks are short training videos that can be accessed on-demand and must be completed before each live monthly cohort meetings.

Monthly cohort meetings are required with the use camera and microphone. You are provided all three scheduled cohort meeting dates and times ahead of the time. For your success and respect to other cohort members, we ask that you remove all distractions during meetings. Please schedule all your FedMap meetings in your calendar and participate as if you were meeting in person. If you miss the first cohort meeting, you will be withdrawn from the FedMap Program and will need to contact us at to be re-enrolled on a space-available basis.

Required Surveys

We are always looking for ways to better serve your needs and welcome your feedback. If you are receiving a scholarship through the SBA’s 7(j) Management and Technical Support Grant, Surveys are required and will be collected monthly during the length of the grant. The information collected is reported to SBA to assess your success as a result of your participation in the program. 

Survey data collected and reported in addition to your application data includes:

  • How your firm benefited from training
  • The number of bids and proposals you are submitting
  • Federal Contracts awarded subsequent to your participation
  • Subcontracts awarded through large prime contractors subsequent to your participation
  • Type of award(s) [i.e. sole source or competitive]
  • New teaming arrangement(s) ([including MPAs, JVs]
  • New jobs created or jobs retained

Code of Ethics

Act Professionally, Honestly, Openly, Confidentially and with Integrity.

To create a mutually beneficial business relationship through FedMap Cohorts, Coley recognizes that a FedMap Cohort Member, as is a business partner, must be confident that it will be treated in an ethical manner.

Coley’s policy is to practice the highest ethical standards in conducting its business through the FedMap Program. Coley requires all FedMap Cohort Members to conduct their business in the same manner.

Ethical business conduct is critical to the FedMap Program. As a FedMap Cohort Member, you are responsible for respecting and adhering to this Policy.

You have the right to confidentiality and privacy by the FedMap Cohort Capture Coach and other FedMap Cohort Members. Confidentiality within the cohort setting is a shared responsibility of all participants. While FedMap Cohort Capture Coaches may not disclose any FedMap Cohort Member communications or information except as provided by law, FedMap Cohort members’ communications are not protected. As such, confidentiality within the group setting is based on mutual trust and respect.

As a member of the FedMap Cohort, you agree to not disclose to anyone outside the cohort any information that may help to identify another cohort member. This includes, but is not limited to, names, physical descriptions, biological information, and specifics to the content of interactions with other cohort members.

Additionally, as a FedMap Cohort Member, you authorize Coley to record the cohort sessions. You understand the recordings will be used for review in the FedMap Portal only for members of that FedMAP™ Cohort and Coley administrative staff.

Code of Conduct

FedMap Community forums are where the federal contractor community and anyone interested in federal contracts can come to learn, discuss and share relevant information affecting small businesses in federal contracting. We encourage freedom of speech, but we expect our members to treat others with respect and courtesy.

We will not tolerate unacceptable behavior or language and reserve the right to determine what represents unacceptable speech. We also reserve the right to remove any post that we, in our sole opinion, find unacceptable.

Your responsibilities

You may be held legally accountable for what you say or do online. In particular, you may be held liable for any defamatory comments, threats and untrue statements or other illegal or fraudulent claims made by you.

You may be held accountable for any breach of the rights of a third party if you have not obtained their prior consent to the use of their property.

You agree and warrant that you will comply with the terms imposed by the owner or licensor of any intellectual property rights as may exist in all software and information you access or post and to indemnify FedMap against any action or cost suffered or incurred by FedMap as a result of a breach by you of this term.


FedMap does not undertake to monitor every communication or the conduct of every member of FedMap. We operate a notice and take down policy known as reactive moderation.

FedMap will use best endeavors to promptly remove content which is reported as being in breach of this Code of conduct or the Terms and conditions but cannot guarantee to do so.

FedMap does not endorse any opinions expressed by members of FedMap.

FedMap reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to remove material at any time. FedMap consists of information posted by third parties. As a result, FedMap accepts no liability in respect to the accuracy or truthfulness of any advice, information or data posted online or any responsibility for the consequences of your acting in reliance on such information.

If you fail to observe either these rules or FedMap’s Terms and Conditions at any time, FedMap reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to exclude you (either temporarily or permanently) from any part of the FedMap Website depending on the nature and severity of your breach.

FedMap may release information about you (both present and past) to the relevant authorities where FedMap believes that you have breached the rules or have used FedMap to commit unlawful acts. We also reserve the right to disclose your personal information where required to do so by law and where we deem it appropriate in response to complaints of a substantial nature.