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About FedMap

(Federal Market Acceleration Platform)

Our FedMap Growth Platform equips small businesses with the technology, knowledge, and guidance to accelerate their success in the government market. To date, more than 400 small businesses have benefited from our FedMap Growth Platform and won more than $450 million in new contracts.

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Why Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a proven strategy that drives sales and generates significant online revenue. Efforts of companies that go towards this less traditional marketing tactic, has paid off. In fact, according to BigCommerce.com:


81% of brands leverage the power of affiliate marketing.


Affiliate marketing has increased by more than 10% each year.

Affiliate marketing results in 3 times the leads of traditional marketing schemes.

Benefits of Partnership

Our select group of FedMap Partners can reach companies that are actively investing in products and services that will hep them succeed. 

Through the FedMap platform, partners have the opportunity to display their value and find the companies who are the best fit for their products and services. 


Maximize Awareness &

Convert More Clients

Coley will vet highly qualified partners who can provide value to our members. We integrate these services throughout our Growth platform giving partners the ability display and demonstrate their offerings to a highly qualified audience who are eager to grow. 



Become a Marketing Partner

During the early years of business startup or expansion, small businesses are especially dependent upon outside experts to help them row and operate their business. Is your company a good fit to become a FedMap Marketing Partner?

Do you Qualify?

Will your offering give our FedMap members a competitive edge?


Is your company honest?


Do you provide superior customer service?


Does your offering help our members succeed in the Federal Market?

Partners Become Part of The Growth Platform

Only after we have closely screened and approved our Partners, our experts can recommend offers to our members. Our experts understand our members have great trust in them since they work closely with them and they don’t take this responsibility for granted. Recommendations can go to those who have cleared the high bar set when selecting our partners.  Once you’re approved as a Partner, we work closely with you to promote your offering to our membership by developing and posting both educational and promotional material into our community. 

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