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We’re looking for experienced government business development professionals and successful small business owners to lead small, disadvantaged government contractors through the Capture Curriculum under our Federal Marketing Accelerator Platform (FedMAP).


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Team Experience


Personal Counselor


Personal Growth


Real Results

FedMAP Program Overview

Real Opportunities, Real Results

FedMap’s Capture Curriculum is the first hands-on, peer-advisory cohort training program available to government contractors focused on accelerating a company’s entry or expansion into the Federal Market by leveraging the experience of a coach, knowledge of peers, and proven methods delivered through our online training, tools, and community forum.

How FedMAP Works

Team Experience, Personal Growth

FedMap’s online Cohort program uses a hands-on approach guided by an experienced coach that takes cohort members through the entire process of developing and implementing a Capture Strategy Plan using a active contract opportunity that’s specific to each participating company.


What’s Your Time Commitment?

Small Investment, Big Impact

As a FedMAP™ Coach, you’ll spend about 20 hours per month working with your cohort members to ensure their success.

Experience Requirments

10+ Years of Business Development Experience in Federal/DoD Contracting with a Proven Track Record of Success Winning Contracts
5+ Years as a Program Manager or in an Executive Role.

Help Small Government Contractors Succeed

If you believe you have the qualifications and desire to help others succeed as a government contractor, complete this short application.

What FedMAP Coaches Do

Team Leader, Personal Counselor

FedMAP Coaches are paid independent contractors who facilitate Coley’s FedMAP training cohorts and share in the reward of helping small business succeed. Specifically, you’ll be responsible for the tasks below.


Monthly Cohort Meetings

As an experienced business development professional, you’ll facilitate a monthly 3-hour, virtual cohort meeting of up to 12 cohort members. You’ll help members take the steps necessary to build an effective capture strategy for pursuit of a specific target opportunity.


Monthly One-to-One Meetings

Monthly you will conduct a one-hour personal coaching session with each Cohort member where you give personalized guidance and coaching as they pursue their target opportunity.


Community Forum

The community forum is accessible 24/7 and leverages the power of all cohort members’ knowledge and experience. You’ll monitor your Cohort’s private forum and use your extensive BD experience to respond to questions that your members post.


Study Material

Cohort members are required to study material and sometimes complete tasks from Coley’s Capture Curriculum between monthly sessions. Members use Coley’s Capture Planning templates and tools. As a Coach, you’ll help hold cohort members accountable to completing their assignments.

Thumbs Up

I have been in the 8(a) program for over 4 years and Coley's FedMap Program is the best I've seen to move my business forward.

Stacey Neal, CEO

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