FedMap Target

FedMap Target

Quit wasting time on chasing opportunities that you cannot win and instead “Target” your efforts on high PWin opportunities. FedMap Target helps you quickly Find, Track, and Win high PWin opportunities

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Powerful Tools

  • Explore Agency spending trends and target Agencies that buy what you sell
  • Find expiring contracts and start your research early to position your company for the win
  • Create powerful Watchlists and receive daily opportunity emails
  • Calculate your PWin to focus efforts on winnable opportunities
  • Build and manage your personal Pipeline of winnable opportunities
  • Access and research Agency Forecasts to identify upcoming needs
  • Access over 135,000 Federal Contacts and track your interactions with them

Agency Trends

The Agency Trend Tool provides the buying patterns of Federal Agencies over the past 5 years to help you focus your resources on agencies that buy what you offer. This tool provides insight into how much agencies spend by socioeconomic category and highlights the most successful contractors for each industry.

Expiring Contracts

Increase your chances of winning by discovering opportunities before they are published.

The Expiring Contracts Tool allows you to search by individual or multiple NAICS codes and predefined industries to help you target contracts coming up for “re-compete”, track them in your personal pipeline so you can act now to position your company for the win.

Pipeline Management

Collect information and track opportunities that have the highest probability of win for your capabilities. 

  • Automatically retrieve related contract and solicitation files
  • Add your own intelligence and partnering files
  • Link key points of contacts to opportunities 
  • List and track interactions with key points of contact
  • Add notes to make your capture actions more useful


Find decision makers that are have purchased similar items or services you offer and reach out to them directly.  These contacts are active buyers that should be included in your outreach plan. Search .  Data is Searchable by 

Search our database of over 135,000 buyers contacts by Agency, PSC, NAICS, and Zip Code. Filter and sort results to target by region to curate your own contact list.

Link contacts to your pipelines and add notes to track interactions as you pursue your opportunities.  


Contacts Module

Opportunities Watchlist

Get daily, relevant opportunities delivered to your email.  Our easy-to-use profile builder gives you the opportunity to filter by industries, agencies and much more. Much easier to use than Beta.Sam.gov and better filters! 

Eliminate the noise, create unique profiles for each of your capabilities to receive targeted opportunities and when  you want to pursue an opporutunity, add them to your pipeline with one click to track and document your progress.  

Agency Forecasts

  • Quick access to agency forecasts of opportunities
  • Find and target opportunities early
  • Plan and execute your capture strategy to increase your probability of winning

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  • Training sessions, Ask me Anything (AMA) events, and presentations where you can participate, ask questions and gain valuable insight.
  • Accelerate your understanding of critical steps to winning contracts.
  • Industry experts, FedMap Certified Coaches, and Contracting Experts conduct Live Training events to share insights that help accelerate your success.

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