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FedMap is an On-The-Job training program designed for busy owners, executives, and professionals. We align our online training and hands-on virtual coaching with your busy schedule to assist you in applying what you learn to your real-world contract opportunities.


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Frequently Asked

+ What is FedMAP™?

FedMap provides a suite of training programs, tools and resources designed to guide entrepreneurs or key business development managers to government contracting success. 

+ What is FedMap Capture Accelerated Program?

FedMap’s capture training is led by a government business development expert that guides companies in the pursuit of a real opportunity with the goal of winning it. This program includes key elements including: Training, Coaching, Team Building, Peer support, and real-life pursuit of a contract opportunity. THIS PROGRAM IS COMPLETELY VIRTUAL! 

Our Federal Market Acceleration Platform  model delivers a holistic approach to helping small businesses quickly gain traction and sustain success as a government contractor. Our FedMap™ model includes the following elements: 

  • Peer Advisory Groups
  • Coach guided implementation of lessons learned
  • Online Web-BasedTraining (WBT) to provide foundations of understanding 
  • Virtual Live Group and Coaching meetings
  • An online community of government contractors
  • Knowledgebase for quick refreshes of knowledge
  • Templates, how-to guides, and case-studies for helping companies implement new knowledge 
  • Real-life pursuit of opportunities
  • FedMap Target, a powerful tool that helps you quickly find and track high PWin opportunities
  • Online Community support that leverages the knowledge and experience of other small businesses
+How is FedMAP Capture Program better than traditional training programs?

Training topics in government contracting do not work nearly as well if they are presented alone without implementation support provided by peers and advisors. 

As a FedMap Member, you will be a part of a coach-led cohort of your peers, you will identify a real opportunity and go through the entire process of developing and executing a capture strategy that significantly improves your chances of winning the contract with a targeted agency. You will also meet one-on-one with a coach each month to guide you towards your contract win. Finally, you will have access to the FedMap Growth Platform that includes a Networking Community, Tools & Templates, Supplemental Training, and our online Target software that helps you find new, winnable opportunities to pursue. 

Coley’s FedMap Capture Accelerated Program’s curriculum includes proven methodologies that lead to successful outcomes in pursuit of federal government contracts. During our many years of experience training Government Agencies and Private Companies we have come to understand that training delivered in traditional manners, such as classroom, webinar, and online is able to impart knowledge, but cannot transfer the “how” that can only come by “doing.” 

It not only provides the knowledge of the capture planning process, but our program also guides participants through the process using a real-life opportunity resulting in retained knowledge and an understanding of how to actually implement a capture plan, which can only be learned by going through the process. 

FedMap is not a one topic course training. The time commitment is three months. 

+ Who should participate?

Companies that have completed their SAM registration. The appropriate participants for our program are those responsible a company’s business development success, which could include the business owner, company executives, program managers, capture managers, or business development leads. 

+ What is my time commitment to complete the Program?

FedMap Capture Accelerate Program is not a one topic course training. The time commitment is three months. 

  • Participants meet with their Cohorts once monthly for 2-3 hours through a virtual meeting room. 
  • Participants meet in one-to-one sessions with the Capture Coach for one hour each month, 
  • Tasks will require an additional 3-4 hours of work each week. 
    + Do I have to be a local firm to participate in FedMAP™?

    No, FedMap™ is a virtual curriculum and open to eligible companies nationwide. 

    + What are the system requirements to participate in the FedMAP™?
    • An Internet connection
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader
    • Microsoft Word, PPT and Excel or Google Docs, Slides and Sheets
    • Computer with Speakers and a Microphone (built-in or USB plug-in or wireless Bluetooth)
    • A webcam or HD webcam is preferred, but not mandatory
    • Browser requirements:
      • Javascript Enabled
      • Internet Explorer 11+
      • Google Chrome (57+)
      • Firefox (52+)
      • Safari 10+
    + How much does it cost?

    Regular Pricing listed above.

    Coley GCS clients and FedMap alumni may recevie a discount. Reach out to your advisor or support@fedmap to see if you qualify.

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