Win More Government Contracts

FedMap Capture is a powerful, coach-led training program that translates learning into action and action into government contract wins.

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Specially designed to equip you to win more government contracts

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What you will learn

Unlike traditional training programs, FedMap is a hands-on accelerated training program that translates learning into action and action into wins using a real contract opportunity specific to your company. You will come away with a deep understanding of how to win contracts, including:

  • How to find and analyze winnable opportunities
  • How to research and outbid the competition
  • Where to find the FREE online websites and databases to support your research
  • How to get meetings with key decision makers
  • How to influence the customer’s requirements
  • Teaming strategies that work
  • Advanced pricing strategies to secure the win
  • How to find the talent you need to propose successfully
  • How to write the winning proposal
  • A Library of Templates to accelerate your understanding
  • Bonus: How to “create” new opportunities and turn these into sole-source awards

What’s Included

Comprehensive Online Training Program

Comprehensive training, workbooks and templates that teaches the steps and strategies to succeed while pursuing a real contract opportunity

Coach-Led Cohort Meetings

An experienced business development Coach leads a monthly cohort meeting and helps companies move through the curriculum, discuss best practices, share peer insights and build upon your experience.

One-to-One Coaching Sessions

Personal, monthly one-to-one coaching sessions with an experienced Coach that shares tips, strategies, and short-cuts that help you compete and win more contracts.

FedMap Growth Platform

Includes one year of access to the FedMap Growth Platform – a $1,680 value!


  • Access On-Demand Training Library
  • Attend Live Training Events
  • Access Easy-to-use Templates
  • Access How-to-Guides
  • Access FAQ Knowledge Base


  • Networking with a Community of Peers
  • Build Winning Teams
  • Find Subcontracting Opportunities
  • Access Upcoming Events
  • Access Useful Resources


  • Explore Agency Spending Trends
  • Find Upcoming Contract Recompetes
  • Create Opportunity Watchlists
  • Access Agency Forecasts
  • Access 135,000 Federal Contacts

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Total Program Cost Only $8995


Total Program Cost Only $8995

Thumbs Up

G3G Was Awarded the Largest contract in Company History… I truly believe that without the skills I learned in FedMap, the outcome may have been different.

Erin Drumheller, BD

Gemini 3 Group, Inc.